Friday, November 7, 2014

Rogue Gunfighter No Vis Med Kit review

So I've had the chance to evaluate the Rogue Gunfighter No Vis Med Kit for a little over a week now, and I thought you might be interested in hearing about it.

The No Vis Med Kit is an ankle worn blowout kit designed to allow the wearer to provide the self-aid (or buddy-aid) portion of tactical combat casualty care.  It comes with or without medical supplies, allowing you to fill it with their med supplies, or supplies of your choosing.  If you choose to use their supplies, you'll receive a pair of nitrile gloves, SOFTT-W wide tourniquet, trauma shears, Halo chest seal, nasopharyngeal airway, TCCC card, your choice of QuikClot, Quikclot LE (with ID), or Celox-R, and Z-pak dressing.  All in all, very similar to the blowout kit I wore at MSRT, so I'm familiar with the use of all the contents.

The pouch itself actually has four pockets: two contained within a fold-over Velcro pouch, and two made of elastic.  I personally pack the Quikclot and Z-pak in one fold-over pocket, the Halo in the other, and use the elastic pouches for the SOFTT-W and shears.  The gloves I shove wherever I can fit them.  The sewing and materials of the pouch are top-notch.  The backing is the same type of expanded mesh used in the Improved Outer Tactical Vest and is designed to allow air to circulate, reducing heat, sweat, and hot spots.  So far, it seems to work quite well.  I've been wearing it for a little over a week every day, anywhere from 30 minutes to over 8 hours while moving constantly, and it stays in place, yet is cushioned and breathable.  You could honestly almost forget it's there once you get used to it. 

With that said, it does take a little getting used to.  The fold-over pouch is a little bulky, and you may have to adjust your stride slightly to accommodate.  If you're used to wearing an ankle holster like I am, you'll transition pretty quickly.  Also, a pair of relaxed fit jeans or tactical pants drapes over the kit nicely and conceals it quite well.  The first few times I wore it, no one in the office had any idea until I showed them.  My dress pants, on the other hand, have a slightly smaller ankle, and I couldn't get the No Vis kit to conceal.  I'm going to be evaluating the new RE Factor Tactical Multimode Discreet IFAK for that purpose.
Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.  My only complaint in this purchase was the customer service that I received.  There was a six week wait between when I ordered the kit and when I received it, with no explanation despite three separate emails.  Seeing the kit, I would have happily waited six weeks for it had I known about the wait in the first place.

If you are looking for a discrete way to carry a blowout kit without having to bulk up your belt or carry a bag, definitely check this kit out.  The pouch alone retails for $47.99, and the pouch with supplies retails for $147.98.  You can check them out at Rogue Gunfighter.

The picture really doesn't do it justice.  The kit conceals much better if you give the pants a chance to drape, usually within a couple of steps...

X Echo 1 is a 10 year veteran of the US Coast Guard, where he has served at various units including the International Training Division and Maritime Security Response Team. He has held qualifications including Deployable Team Leader/Instructor, Direct Action Section Team Leader, and Precision Marksman – Observer. He has deployed/instructed on five continents and served in quick reaction force roles for multiple National Special Security Events in the US. In addition to his Coast Guard credentials, he is also an NRA Certified Instructor, focusing his attention on civilians looking for professional instruction for their defensive needs.