Wednesday, March 18, 2015

X Echo 1 Pistol Skill Builder - 25 April 2015

The next X Echo 1 class is scheduled for 25 April 2015 at C2 Shooting Center, Virginia Beach, VA!

This course is targeted to beginner to intermediate shooters. It is designed to take shooters with a basic skill level and introduce drills that emphasize the fundamentals of marksmanship while incorporating additional skills such as malfunction clearance. If you are an intermediate level shooter, the same drills will apply, but you can challenge yourself with them. The course will cover intermediate level pistol techniques such as:

Marksmanship fundamentals drills
Holster draw
Slide-lock and tactical reloads
Malfunction drills
Multi-target engagement
Barricade shooting
Shooting while moving

Required equipment:

3+ magazines
Magazine holder for at least 2 magazines
Sturdy belt
Eye/ear protection
Firearm lubricant
Cleaning kit
Food (there are no quick local restaurants)

Optional equipment:


Required ammunition:

Minimum of 500 rounds

Bring clothes suitable for the environment. Class will go on as long as the range is open, whether rain, snow (it is Virginia), or shine, so plan accordingly.

Cost is $150, and there are only 8 slots available! Message X Echo 1 with your full name and email address to sign up!